Photo of the Day

t's my favorite time of the year, Fall! We always venture up to the Poconos Mountains to catch some of the leaves changing. This season is no exception.

As I am just beginning to learn a Nikon D800 I thought it would be a good learning experience to head out and shoot some local rivers and streams as the sun was setting. I have a lot to learn. One of my big mistakes was using the flimsy tripod I bought for a lighter camera. The problem was that even when taking bracketed photos with a 2 second timer it still managed to shake the tripod. The result was some ghosting between my five images. The Nikon D800 is a beast! 

Anyway I climbed down to this rocky outcropping to grab this shot. I spent sometime in Photosho trying to fix some ghosting using layers. This is the first photo I've ever exported from Photoshop and I'm proud that I got over my intellectual fear of using it.

imble River, PA