Using Camera+ as my favorite iPhone camera app

While I shot over 700 photos with my Sony NEX-7 in Germany this week I also shot nearly 70 photos with my iPhone 4S. And I was stunned at the results thanks to the app Camera+.

Don't get me wrong I always take photos with my iPhone but this was different. Here I am in a foreign country with beautiful scenery and I wanted to take advantage of every moment.  I thought the best photos would come from my NEX-7. To my astonishment I had some equally compelling photos from my mobile device.

ut I owe it mostly to using the app Camera+. I've owned it for a few years now and have used it off and on but now it's moved to a primary position on my home screen. Here are just a few of my favorite features:

  • Continuous flash
  • Touch exposur
  • Excellent editing fixes like Clarit
  • Burst mode that lets you grab great pictures of fast moving kid
  • Editing in Lightbox so you don't fill up your camera rol

ere's a photo I took in a church in Ulm, Germany using Camera+. I used the clarity filter and added some vibrance. That's it. Tell me what you think.