Mirrorless Cameras Upending DSLR's

I'd been using the hulking Canon D Mark II for last the year or so until I met my new love the Sony NEX-7. Yes the lenses aren't as plentiful but the versatility is more bountiful. Today The Verge put forth the hypothesis I've been seeing for the past few months that mirrorles cameras are the future of digital photography.


Olympus, Sony, and Panasonic have proved that the best way to take on the mirrorless market is to start from scratch. Olympus joined forces with Panasonic to create Micro Four Thirds, which carries some DNA from the old Four Thirds system but is basically an entirely new standard with newer, smaller lenses to match. The result has been innovative and diminutive cameras like the OM-D E-M5 and Lumix GH2. Sony went a similar route by creating a new system with the same sensor size as its Alpha SLRs, and while its NEX series doesn't quite have the lens support yet, the cameras have an unbeatable combination of image quality and design. In fact, Sony's camera division is arguably the only part of the company that's operating at anywhere near the level of its former glories, which certainly isn't a prediction anyone would have made five years ago.