Photo of the Day: Cactus at Red Rock Canyon

Here's another in a series of photos I took at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the last one I snapped before the park closed down for the day. I stood here for about 30 minutes just hoping that the blue sky would give me something interesting. About 25 minutes after sunset this small strip of pink clouds began to emerge and it last just about 5 minutes before it disappeared. I'm glad I was ready for it.

This was shot with my Sony NEX-7. Because the NEX-7 lacks a 5 exposure option I had to manually expose each shot. I started at -2 and went up to +2. Then to create the HDR final image I ran it through Photomatix Pro and then brought it back into Lightroom to clean up some dust spots that showed up on the final image. My sensor is dirty! Time to pick up one of these bulb blowers

Cactus at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada