Photo of the Day: Baby Learning to Crawl

Sure I've got some nice newer cameras but occasionally I like to grab one of my old ones and have some fun. I found my older camera and popped on a nice 50mm lens and had some fun shooting my daughter as she tried to crawl. I really love the depth of field on this one.  

I've also been enjoying Color Efex Pro 4. I used a soft focus filter and then dropped it back into Lightroom 4 so that I could add some clarity to her eyes and clean up a tiny piece of food on her mouth. Hey that's how babies roll!

Derrick Story had some similar advice this week about digging out an older camera. I shot this photo back in January but his idea holds true: Reinvigorate your photography by using one of your older cameras. 

Baby portrait 50mm, f/2.0, 1/30 second