Repix: A Fun Photo App for iPhone and iPad

I'm not one of those photographers who gets all high and mighty about retouching photos. I love post-processing and Repix for the iPhone and iPad takes processing and turns it into an art form. 

No more filters! Again, I love filters for the right photo like a little background blur on a portrait, etc. But Repix does away with the filters in favor of brushes to paint in special effects. It's like finger paint blending between the real world and the imagined. If you've ever used the amazing app Paper you know what I'm talking about. Repix, like Paper, gives you a handful of regular brushes for free. If you want more you'll pay for them inside the app. Brush packs are $1.99 or $4.99 for the whole kit and caboodle. Just pay the $5.00 and be done with it. 

Repix still has basic setting tweaks like contrast, brightness, saturation and more, but they're only here for small fixes. If you really want to fix your photo first I'd jump over to SnapSeed or iPhoto for iPad. Both great apps. 

Most of the free brushes felt gimmicky to me but some like Charcoal and Edger added some fun to the stock flower photos they provide. The real magic happens when you start playing with the paid brushes like Daubs or Van Gogh. I really felt like some of my painted photos would look great on my wall, or over a toilet at least. 

Don't worry you're not stuck with your camera roll photos to play with. In fact Repix lets you import photos from Facebook albums, Photo Stream but it won't let you get access to your synced iPhoto albums. That last part was a bummer as I have a synced album called Portfolio filled with my best photos. It would have been nice to bring in that sunset photo and do a little painting. Of course there are all kinds of ways around that like simply adding that photo to Photo Stream or Facebook. I have to think an update will change that limitation soon. 

Repix also lets you share your finished work of art out to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. It's a fun app that's sure to give some added flare to that butterfly photo. Here's a butterfly photo I shot with a few Repix brush effects added. What do you think?