Knowing when to walk away

The other day I decided to take advantage of some time I had before my first meeting to head out and shoot some photos. I was in Manhattan before sunrise and wanted to head out to Bryant Park to snap some sunrise photos.

This park is usually beautiful early in the morning but as I was walking I realized that the sky was a boring light blue with zero character. Not a cloud in the sky. Not only that but there were chairs scattered about the lawn and brick walkways and a large piece of construction equipment near the fountain. Everywhere I walked seemed like a boring shot. So I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a few pictures of this Gertrude Stein sculpture.

At first I was a little depressed that I didn't get any great photos but I realize that this was an incredible learning experience. I knew when to walk away. As I walked back I thought I must be maturing in my ability to see what is worthy of photographing if I didn't take any photos. Last year I might've snapped 30 or 40 different photos of random trees and park benches only to be pissed that I wasted space on an SD card.