Drobo Mini

Using the Drobo mini for Travel Photography

I'm getting ready for a big photography trip to New Zealand in February. I needed a great way to back up and store the hundreds of RAW photos I plan to shoot. Enter the Drobo mini. 

Drobo mini

I've been a Drobo user for years and I was anxious to get my hands on their brand-new portable 'mini'. It sports 4 ports for small SSD drives, lightening connectors and USB 3.0 for super fast data transfers, and a polycarbonate durable case that makes it a pleasure to hold and put in a bag.

Here's a set up video I put together showing the unboxing and software installation. I also show you how freaking fast the photo transfer speeds are from the desktop to the mini using the Lightening port. 

Drobo Mini unboxing

I ordered the brand new Drobo Mini and it arrived today. I did a little unboxing for your enjoyment.

A few months ago I played with the prototype and the fit and finish is nearly identical. I'm excited to put it through its paces. I think it'll be an essential tool for the traveling photographer or videographer with its compact design and mini SSD's.

Will you order one?