Sony NEX-7

Photo of the Day: Red Rock Canyon at Sunset

Red Rock Canyon National Park

During the Consumer Electronics Show this year I decided to take an afternoon away from all the craziness. I rented a car and headed out to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Park. 

I only had my Sony NEX-7 because I didn't feel like carrying too many cameras. I got there just before sunset and snagged a series of photos using my new Sony 10-18mm wide-angle lens.

I'll try to post a few of my favorite shots over the next few days. 

Photo of the Day: A Lake in Germany

If you ever get a chance to visit Germany you must head to the southern part of the country. The little town of Füssen sits at the base of mountains on the border next to Austria. I ran down the hill to get to this amazing lake just as the sun was setting. 

I took three exposures and I really should have lowered the ISO and kept the shutter open for much longer than I did. This was my first real photo trip and I'm somewhat happy with the photos I took there. For many of my landscape shots I wish that I had set my aperture to a higher f-stop to really bring out the clarity in the distant trees. Live and learn!


Sunset at a lake in Füssen, Germany.

Photo of the Day: Frost on the Lake

I hadn't even turned on the coffee pot yet but I decided to head down to the lake on this frosty morning. The water has receded below the area where there would usually be lake water. On this frosty morning I found uncovered ground frozen over by a mid-December freeze. I took three exposures on my Sony NEX-7.


Frost on the Lake

Photo of the Day

I really enjoyed this bizarre street performer in Germany. He wasn't really moving at all and folks who walked by didn't really stop and stare they basically just strolled by. I shot this with a Sony NEX-7. If I had it to do over again I would have increased the shutter speed. But I actually like how the men are a touch blurry as they walk on by and the performer is perfectly still.

German street performer

Photo of the Day

I passed a small field at the base of this beautiful mountain range in Fussen, Germany. It was nearly sunset and I ran down this private road with  my Sony NEX-7. This was the first trip I took where I made a point of shooting thoughtful photography. I used this trip as a bit of a photo bootcamp... learning and trying as I went along. I realize now that I should have increased my shutter speed so I wouldn't have gotten these ghosting issues. 

A field in Füssen, Germany