Photo of the Day: A Lake in Germany

If you ever get a chance to visit Germany you must head to the southern part of the country. The little town of Füssen sits at the base of mountains on the border next to Austria. I ran down the hill to get to this amazing lake just as the sun was setting. 

I took three exposures and I really should have lowered the ISO and kept the shutter open for much longer than I did. This was my first real photo trip and I'm somewhat happy with the photos I took there. For many of my landscape shots I wish that I had set my aperture to a higher f-stop to really bring out the clarity in the distant trees. Live and learn!


Sunset at a lake in Füssen, Germany.

Photo of the Day

I really enjoyed this bizarre street performer in Germany. He wasn't really moving at all and folks who walked by didn't really stop and stare they basically just strolled by. I shot this with a Sony NEX-7. If I had it to do over again I would have increased the shutter speed. But I actually like how the men are a touch blurry as they walk on by and the performer is perfectly still.

German street performer

Photo of the Day

I passed a small field at the base of this beautiful mountain range in Fussen, Germany. It was nearly sunset and I ran down this private road with  my Sony NEX-7. This was the first trip I took where I made a point of shooting thoughtful photography. I used this trip as a bit of a photo bootcamp... learning and trying as I went along. I realize now that I should have increased my shutter speed so I wouldn't have gotten these ghosting issues. 

A field in Füssen, Germany

Photo of the Day

I'm slowly going through my Germany photos and I'm putting them out at a trickle. I snapped this picture in downtown Heidelberg just as the rain had stopped.  A group of soldiers were walking by in weird historical looking costum. I ran to set up this shot just as they were entering the frame. Their costumes were a nice blue color but I thought this photo was better served with a historical look to it. What do you think?

eidelberg, Germany

Using Camera+ as my favorite iPhone camera app

While I shot over 700 photos with my Sony NEX-7 in Germany this week I also shot nearly 70 photos with my iPhone 4S. And I was stunned at the results thanks to the app Camera+.

Don't get me wrong I always take photos with my iPhone but this was different. Here I am in a foreign country with beautiful scenery and I wanted to take advantage of every moment.  I thought the best photos would come from my NEX-7. To my astonishment I had some equally compelling photos from my mobile device.

ut I owe it mostly to using the app Camera+. I've owned it for a few years now and have used it off and on but now it's moved to a primary position on my home screen. Here are just a few of my favorite features:

  • Continuous flash
  • Touch exposur
  • Excellent editing fixes like Clarit
  • Burst mode that lets you grab great pictures of fast moving kid
  • Editing in Lightbox so you don't fill up your camera rol

ere's a photo I took in a church in Ulm, Germany using Camera+. I used the clarity filter and added some vibrance. That's it. Tell me what you think.

Just returned from Germany

Just got back from Germany. Wow am I jet lagged. I took 700 photos while I was there and I can't wait to start looking through them and posting a few. I felt like I became a better photographer by just holding and using the camera all week long. I think I had the camera permanently attached to my chest.

I'd like to post some journal entries about what I learned, gear I used, mistakes I made, etc. If you are interested in anything at all please let me know and I'll include it.