Photo of the Day: Boat on the Lake

Jumped on Trey's google hangout the other night and realized I didn't have many photos to share on the show. So I grabbed my Sony NEX-7 with a 14-24mm lens and headed out to the lake to snap a few quick sunset photos. There's not too much green yet from the harsh Winter so I felt like this deserved a black and white treatment.


Photo of the Day: Sunset on the Dock

This is the first time my son helped me shoot some photos. We were about to have dinner at the Dog Watch Cafe in Stonington, CT and I couldn't pass up this amazing sunset on the water. My son couldn't wait to help with the tripod, set up the shot, and press the shutter button. He didn't help set the 7 exposures, or reduce the exposure compensation to -1, but he was my moral support.

Stonington, CT

Stonington, CT

Photo of the Day: A Path Through Glenorchy, New Zealand

We walked along this path in Glenorchy, New Zealand the other night when there was barely any light left. One false move and you were off in the swamp. There was a breathtaking tranquility about this place. 

I initially thought this would be an HDR situation so I shot just three bracketed photos: -1, 0, and +1 exposures. But when I got back to processing it wasn't very good or interesting. In fact it was downright bad. This whole walk had a black and white feeling to me with this zen-like pathway.



Glenorchy, New Zealand